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The Year After the LL.M.

Yesterday I highlighted a few simple tips for those who are starting LL.M. programs this Summer in The Summer Before the LL.M. Today, I want to highlight a separate set of considerations for those who just completed LL.M. programs. I group foreign-educated LL.M. graduates into four general categories. As always, there’s more nuance and sub-groups.Continue reading “The Year After the LL.M.”

The Summer Before the LL.M.

Many foreign-educated LL.M. students are busy making final preparations to begin their studies in the next 4-8 weeks. Whether you’re finalizing your F-1 visa process, getting ready for an intensive legal English course in July, or looking at apartments in your new destination, I know it is a very busy time. Add to that wrappingContinue reading “The Summer Before the LL.M.”

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